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GO! Leadership Camp equips young people who are leaders in the camps, churches and communities. 

This event is one of six hosted by Christian Camping New Zealand, all around NZ each year. Designed for young people who lead at Kids Holiday Camps, this event would also be great for anyone who leads at their youth group of in their community.

How do we talk to people about God's HEART for them? How do we use our GIFTINGS to show Jesus love for every person?

Come to camp and discover with us:

'Being' Jesus' heart:

* Learning how to receive and carry Jesus heart for people

* To Go and BE the Gospel and maybe use words but definitely actions

Our learning will happen through a few different modes, so no matter how you best learn you will fit:

Games, worship, small groups, teaching, self development models and personal reflection.

Location: Living Springs

Camp Begins : Aug 9th - 7pm
Camp Ends: Aug 11th - 2:30pm

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